Erin's Music Lessons

Music Lessons on Piano, Trumpet & French Horn in Rosemount, Minnesota

Pictures from the Workshop with Wynn-Anne Rossi

On March 10th, all of Erin's students were invited to meet composer Wynn-Anne Rossi.

Here are some pictures from this workshop:

Erin posing with Wynn-Anne Rossi


 Ms. Rossi began by performing "Star Sailing". This was about sailing at night time when she was little.

Next Ms. Rossi answered student's questions. She had never been asked before if she liked bubble gum, but she had a great story to tell!

Maddie, (who was the student who asked if she liked bubble gum) then performed "Bubble Gum Blues"

Courtney performed "Fantasy Garden"

Khoa performed "Build a Blanket House"



Monica performed "Skeleton in my Closet"(didn't we all think there was something spooky in our closet when we were little?)


Nora performed "Skating with my Friends" (Ms. Rossi really likes ice skating!)


Zach performed "Big Ben Boogie" and he played it "like an American!" (which Ms. Rossi thought was a good thing!)

 Arin performed an original composition called "Diving the Sea Caves" from Ms. Rossi's "Creative Composition Toolbox"

After we were finished, Ms. Rossi autographed any students who wanted their music signed. She was excited to see what everyone was playing, and students learned a little bit about their pieces!