Erin's Music Lessons

Music Lessons on Piano, Trumpet & French Horn in Rosemount, Minnesota

Piano out of tune?

Find a piano tuner on the Piano Technician's Guild Website

(Erin uses Apryl's Piano Tuning. You can contact Apryl at 651-341-3123 or apcanttuneafish(at)gmail(dot)com)

Practice Tips:

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Lessons for Free (or mostly free)

Tips for parents on how to help your younger child at home: Musical Resources: How to Help a Child Practice

Tips for parents on how to set up a location at home that best helps your child practice piano: Musical Resources: Instruments and Practice Space for Piano Students

Write your own music:

A web-based music writing program. No download required, but you must sign up for a free account.

Download Finale Notepad
Finale Notepad is a free way to write music on your computer.

Free Blank Printable Sheet Music
Print out staff paper for free

Microsoft Word Templates for Blank Staff Paper
Use Microsoft Word to print your own staff paper, for free

Free Online Metronome:

Use a metronome to set a steady beat: Metronome Online

Free Online Music:

Sheet Music for Various Band Instruments
This free sheet music is mostly Christmas music and folk/patriotic songs

Tonic Tutor

If Erin has set you up an account, login to Tonic Tutor.

Music History Links:

Mozart's Magical Musical Life - Lots of fun to read. Written in story form with sound clips.

Music History for Kids